Werwie's Wild und Feinkost
Landmetzgerei Schares




The tavern “Zur Glocke” is used as a gastronomical location since 1803. From 1928 till March 2011 it belonged to the family Berens.  Since April 2011 the family Brommenschenkel is in possession of the building.

Formerly known as “Zur wilden Gans” (the wild goose), in 1906 renamed “Die Glocke” (the bell) it has always been a tradition in Trier.

The front facing house was built in 1567 on the eastern half of a Romanesque cellar and ruins from the 12th century. During World War II the cellar was used as an air raid shelter. If these walls knew how to talk, they would know a few stories.

We wish you an enjoyable stay in the “Glocke”.