Werwie's Wild und Feinkost
Landmetzgerei Schares


Even though there is nothing like a good escalope: The tavern “Zur Glocke” offers a lot more than the classic tavern dishes.


Our range of dishes varies from original Trierer specialties like “Teerdisch” (mashed potatoes served with sauerkraut) or “Mehlkniedel” (home-made dumplings) to a choice of fresh fish and vegetarian food. Furthermore, we are proud to be able to offer an alternating range of seldom-traditional German dishes like calf’s liver, ox tongue, liver dumplings or horse dishes.


Besides our normal menu we offer a weekly changing menu containing around three dishes, which are served with a soup as starter.


With our monthly changing menu we take seasonal highlights up – like for example asparagus, chanterelles or our famous goose dishes during the pre-Christmas period.